For more than 30 years, Attorney Doris J. Dabrowski has provided candid advice about legal rights to her clients to help individuals, organizations and small businesses to make informed decisions.


With keen analysis, she applies extensive legal knowledge of statutes, government regulations and case law to the facts of your situation and researches the latest legal developments.  She listens to concerns about employment, retirement, disability, medical care, estate planning, and eligibility for benefits.


Empowerment through knowledge helps you make an informed decision.   Attorney Dabrowski offers creative suggestions for life care, career and retirement planning, dispute resolution, damage control and prevention of future legal problems.   To implement your choices, she drafts and reviews legal documents such as contracts, advance medical directives, wills, powers of attorney and severance proposals. She proposes and explains options for litigation and appeals.


With you as her team mate, Attorney Dabrowski zealously represents you in litigation, mediation,  informal negotiations, arbitration, and appeals from benefit plan decisions, government agency actions, and civil judgments.

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