ERISA Pension, Health and Disability Benefit Plans

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) governs pension and most disability and health insurance plans sponsored by employers or labor unions.   Doris Dabrowski can analyze your plan to determine whether ERISA or state insurance law or wage payment law applies.

Claimants must file an appeal with an ERISA plan before filing a lawsuit.   Legal representation in plan appeals is critical to develop a complete record.  If a pension or benefit plan denies the proper benefit to you, contact Doris Dabrowski immediately.   Review the plan documents to determine deadlines for filing a plan appeal and for filing a lawsuit.

Through Doris Dabrowski’s advocacy, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit issued a precedent-setting decision,  DiGiacomo v. Teamsters Pension Trust Fund of Philadelphia and Vicinity, which allowed a pensioner to obtain an accrued benefit for service prior to a break in service.

Doris Dabrowski’s lectures and publications include:

  • Uncle Sam, Pennsylvania and the New Family: What Do Federal, State and Local Governments Owe Their LGBT Employees’ Spouses, Partners & Children (Pennsylvania Bar Institute, 2014)
  • Equality v. Faith – What Do Religious Organizations Owe Their LGBT Employees’ Spouses, Partners & Children (Pennsylvania Bar Institute, 2014)
  • The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Employee Benefit Plans (Jenkins Law Library, 2013)
  • ERISA Rights and Remedies (Elder Law Committee of the Philadelphia Bar Association, 2008)
  • ERISA Litigation, Litigating Employment Discrimination Cases, Pennsylvania Bar Institute and U.S. District Court (December, 2007)
  • Mandatory Disclosures Required by ERISA, 1 Employee Rights Quarterly (Autumn 2000).