Health Care

Health care providers must comply with federal and state regulations governing professional licenses, medical practice, insurance, billing practices, Medicare, Medicaid, HIPAA, and patients’ rights.   Employment agreements for physicians must address particular provisions for malpractice insurance, staff privileges, and control of patients’ records upon termination of employment.

Doris Dabrowski combines her knowledge of government regulations, administrative agency practice, employment and benefits law to assist you with:

  • Professional licenses
  • Provider agreements for Medicaid, Medicare
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement
  • ERISA health plans
  • Staff privileges
  • Employment agreements
  • Health facility management agreements
  • Nursing home admission agreements
  • Mental health commitments

As a result of her advocacy:

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Health clarified its patient rights regulations to prohibit spousal consent requirements for surgical procedures in Holton v. Crozer-Chester Medical Center, et. al.
  • The N.J. Office of Administrative Law ruled that a state freeze on Medicaid reimbursements for out of state hospitals violates federal and state regulations.
  • Physicians and nurses she has represented before professional licensing boards have obtained and retained professional licenses.
  • Represented physicians in challenging termination of Medicaid provider agreements.
  • She negotiated employment, facility management, and severance agreements for physicians.

Publications and presentations include:

  • Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Employee Benefits (Jenkins Law Library, 2013);
  • Medicaid Law (National Business Institute, 2013).

She served on the board of directors of a mental health care facility, chaired the West Philadelphia District Advisory Committee of the Health Systems Agency and served on the governing board of the Health Systems Agency of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

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